Monday, May 23, 2011

The Time I Almost Slapped an Old Man

Last week Paul was not feeling his best. He had a bit of a fever and was pulling on his ears. I immediately thought ear infection and made a doctor's appointment.

We arrived at the doctor and stood in line to check in. The man in front of us was probably 85 years old and hard of hearing, marked by his very loud booming voice. When he turned around he saw Paul and in his blaring tone (on the verge of screaming) said, "Hi there little man. Give me five."

Not only did Paul not give this man five, he snuggled into my chest and almost cried. So what does this man do? Scoffs, lowers his eyes, and sternly yells, "you little snot." Loud. Piercing. Roaring. To my sweet innocent baby. And I almost slapped him.

Who could say such words to a precious baby??

Turns out Paul didn't have an ear infection. Just a cold and symptoms of teething. A failure of a doctor's trip in every way possible.


  1. He called Paul a name? What a jerk. He must be nuts, so it's probably a good thing that you didn't hit him.

  2. and it was probably a good thing his Nana and GG weren't there.. we would have taken him down!! it could have been ugly..

  3. i would have started crying, then sassed him good. i cant believe anyone could call toddler paul a snot! crazy!


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