Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friend Withdrawal.

I am trying to get out of my girls weekend withdrawal. It's hard. This weekend was a little different because we added a 22 pound little man to the mix. We were a bit tied down by nap times and had the FASTEST shopping spree in history (even Tori told me she had no idea what she actually purchased, since it all happened so fast). However, we still had time for plenty of gossip, wine, good food, fashion advice, spray tans, mani/pedis, yoga, and more wine.

It was so fun to see how much my gals loved Small Paul! Although I knew by friends would love my baby, these girls really love my baby. They squeezed him, kissed him over and over, told him how smart he was, and of course played and played and played!!!! He reciprocated by learning to say "Mo" and "Diz."

We had such a great weekend! I miss you honey badgers! Come back soon!!!

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  1. i miss you too! and i am still laughing like a bastard when i even hear the words "honey badgers"


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