Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Paul loves to say "Dada." Loves it. He will sometimes give me a "mama" if he is really sad or hurts himself, but it is not very often. He wakes up saying "dada." When I put him down for a nap I can hear him muttering "dada" before he drifts off to sleep. He screams "dada" when we are driving in the car.

Obviously this is annoying. More annoying is that he loves saying "Diddy" and "Jackie" (our daycare lady). It amazing that you can birth a kid and still not earn respect.

Thankfully in the last few days things are turning around. I had to document some much needed mama talk! You're welcome.


  1. Yay!!!!! Awesome!
    He's seriously such a cutie.

  2. when scarlett sees david, she literally DIVES out of her chair, my arms, wherever shes is to get to him.

    mamma does not get the same response :(

  3. love the 2-fisted face stuffing!


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