Monday, July 11, 2011

Dance People, Dance!

One of Paul's favorite "toys" at my parent's house are the cards that sing a song when you open them. For some reason, Ann and Paul seem to have quite the collection of these particular greeting cards. Paul opens the card and starts laughing when the music starts...
Then he quickly scans the room to make sure everyone starts their individual dance routines.
You would be amazed what grown adults will do to please a one-year old!


  1. And, again.. Auntie Mo has to win the dance move contest.. we had an entire "Rocky .. dance moves/fight moves.. combo moves.. I just wish I had it on video..
    I can see it in small Paul's eyes.. she ( Granny) is trying.. but where the Hell is Auntie Mo when I need her?
    I tried to send the cards home w/ E and R.. but they politely refused..
    now.. small Paul.. "plays" all three cards (" I feel good"
    The Rocky theme and Soul Sister..) at the same time and adds.. just for our entertaiment.. some HAPPY FEET !!.. Life doesn't get any better than this :)

  2. This boy just loves to make people smile! It's so cute to see him march with those stiff little steps. He's really just so much fun!

  3. Don't you love how kids always entertain themselves with the things that aren't their toys? but its so fun and cute how excited they get over thigns like that.


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