Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Little Fish!

Paul and I go to swim lessons every week and he loves it. We sing songs, "jump" of the edge, dunk our faces, float on our backs, and kick our little feet. It is so much fun and he is a big fan of the water. Especially since this particular pool turns up the heat. You almost feel like you are swimming in a hot tub. I'm a big fan!

There are three other little kids in his class and on the first day all the moms complimented each other on our one-pieces. My how things have changed!

Can you tell we just love the summertime??


  1. Paul is so lucky to have a mommy that takes him swimming!

  2. It's hard to decide who is cute.. I wish I looked like that in my one-piece !!
    Paul is truly a fish !

  3. whoops.. that was supose to be cuter.. you are both CUTE!!!

  4. and yes.. that was suppose to be suppose.. I'm stopping now.. enough..


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