Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paul's Obsession!

Paul loves Ryan and I. He loves our dog Diddy. He loves his stuffed monkey Paco. But he really really really loves my dad. Small Paul was able to get some serious bonding time this weekend in the mountains. Where my dad was, the little man was at his side. If my dad left the room, Paul would immediately follow him. I don't know if my father was able to go to the bathroom in peace. They had very serious conversations, read books, stacked blocks, found sticks, threw rocks, and laughed and laughed and laughed!
Watching some football

Learning animal sounds

Taking a walk (my favorite picture!)

Small Paul + Tall Paul = Best Friends!!


  1. I will try hard not to be jealous... but they ( Paul and Paul) do speak the same language... and have the same sense of humor. .. and have total acceptance of each other...
    and even 'tho I know I am second fiddle.... I feel so so lucky..
    we are all so lucky.
    xoxo Granny Annie

  2. There are a lot worse things he could be obsessed with, right? Lol.
    That last picture is darling - what a great relationship to have with your grandpa!

  3. Small Paul and Tall Paul, I love it.

  4. I agree Elaine!!!! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Small and Tall Paul walking! It needs to be framed!


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