Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning we leisurely woke up, made coffee, and opened our presents from Santa. Paul was still a little apprehensive about all the gift opening but he did like his new books, animal figurines, and POTTY!! We had a nice time just the 3 of us and then we started to get ready for my parent's house!

I don't know what switch clicked in Paul's head, but by the time we arrived at my parent's house he was a present opening machine. My mom still does presents from Santa and stockings. Yes, we are 30-somethings but the woman loves her stockings. Anyway, Santa brought Paul a blow up climbing wall. For some reason we thought it would take Paul a little practice to figure out this new toy, but he had that wall mastered in about 4 seconds.
In my brother and Ryan's stocking were some fake tattoo sleeves. Those two thought they were real tough.
Ryan had a Bronco themed Christmas on both sides of the family. Nothing makes this man happier then new Bronco gear!
Paul took a little nap while we ate dinner and then we opened MORE presents! Paul's most anticipated gift was a train set from Uncle Buck and Aunt Kascie. Whenever we asked him what he wanted from Santa he would exclaim, "CHOO CHOO," so their present was BIG hit!
Can this baby get any happier?

While everyone else opened their presents, I entertained Paul with new books and a candy cane.
I'm sure you will be surprised by this information, but when we finished opening gifts we played some basketball. Paul shot from the chair while his Uncle cheered him on and his dad caught all his rebounds. The little man was in heaven!

We had an amazing Christmas and this is my favorite picture documenting the day.
When I was younger, I memorized The Night Before Christmas to recited it on Christmas Eve (nerd alert). This year I read the story to my baby boy. At ever picture he pointed at Santa and said "Ho Ho Ho." What a special day.


  1. cuteness overload!

    also... are those the green jeans? i love that shade of green! they dont look like scrubs at all.

  2. again.. I have to revisit history... You did not memorize The Night Before Christmas.. you just learned it from having it read to you because... wait for it.. you are GIFTED.. just like your son !
    I actually remember this moment.. it was the Christmas after Pops had died and everyone came to our house ( and yes.. our sewer backed up and yes we had a blizzard and no one could get anywhere .. including the airport..) and we were waiting for people to somehow/ someway get to our house and I put the camera on you and you recited the whole poem.. how did you learn that? I remember Dad and I looking at each other.. Huh?... how did that just happen.. happy memories ( I have the tape if you want to see it :) ) xoxo Mom

  3. I remember you reciting the Night Before Xmas--my memory is that it was Xmas Eve, after we had opened presents at your house. Maybe you had recited it earlier before we all arrived and that's when your Mom filmed it. Either way, that you had memorized it is incredible--what SEVEN year old can do the WHOLE thing?!!! And yes, that was the Xmas after Pops died, and yes it was one of the Christmases from H**L--this family has had several--but, whenever we are confronted with a particularly bad situation, we all just remember--ALO-HA!!! Love you! Auntie Martha


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