Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

I know I am back tracking here a bit, but I wanted to make sure to document our fun holidays. Hands down having a baby makes Christmas more fun. I am SO excited for him to wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning with that energized excitement about Santa. Paul didn't really get the whole deal this year, but he did have much more fun opening presents and receiving new toys then he did last year!

Christmas Eve we went to Ryan's parent's house for a little celebration and of course I didn't bring my camera. But I did snap a few iPhone photos. We had a great dinner, opened presents, and then my sister in-law and I drank red wine like it was going out of style. Fa la la la la.

We had some football team competition!
Kendra our 7 year old niece received a new American Girl doll. Do you people know about this obsession? A girlfriend at yoga told me about the store in New York City. Apparently it is HUGE and also includes a little cafe where you can have lunch with your doll. When this woman visited, the wait in the cafe was THREE hours long. Can you imagine? I scoffed at the idea of waiting 3 hours to eat lunch with a doll, but I guess until I have a girl never say never. Anyway, Kendra was pumped about her new doll and the trauma set (crutches, casts, etc) her Nana gave her.

Paul got a brand new little table and loves it. He can color and play and read books. Look how much work he is getting done:

We got home and were happy to realize there was nothing to put together or deal with. We put milk and cookies out for Santa and went straight to bed! So fun! Maybe next year I'll remember my camera!


  1. that table is so sweet and perfect for Paul..
    cute !

  2. It was the best Christmas ever! There's nothing so terrific as the excitement and wonder of little kids. Especially these two.


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