Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sometimes this parenting gig is hard. Actually, a lot of the time it is hard. Paul has tantrums when I give him the "wrong" sippy cup in the morning. Or when the "wrong" basketball team is playing on TV. Or when he wants to eat apple sauce with a spoon and I God forbid gave him a pouch. Sometimes he gets sad when he has to put on socks, or get in his car seat, or drink milk, or not hit the dog, or stop flushing the toilet 673 times. Sometimes he throws a fit when we have to get out of the bath, or stop drawing on the wall with crayons, or clean up his toys, or wear pants.
Needless to say, this toddler business is exhausting. But this article, 9 Things I Learned In The Parent Encouragement Program, AKA Shitty Parents Anonymous, was helpful and funny! The perfect combination!


  1. Parenting is so hard. I have teenagers now and it's a different kind of hard. Keep the faith sistah!

  2. ah! scarlett is the same way with her sippy cups! now she's learned how to drink without the top on so she gets mad when the top is on and she can't get it off, won't drink her milk, etc.

    also, i thought i was being a good teacher showing her how to flush the toilet because she has been showing more interest in her "potty" but now its all she wants to do, and in public toilets too. i'm not a total germ freak, but ahhh - don't touch that!!

  3. look at him naked in his cute diaper and shit eating grin!

  4. I just recommend skipping to the Grandma stage..Paul just flashes me that smile and I melt.

    BUT.. we did have one serious meltdown in the parking lot of the library.. he wanted to walk with out holding hands.. I gave him that teacher stink eye and told him ..PAUL VAUGHN HOLD MY HAND>>>NOW!! He was so shocked he did it..
    I will be glad to hold an inservice on teacher stink eye any time you would like.. :)
    I love that boy..

  5. You linked up to the funniest article I've read all week. . possibly all year. I know its only the start of the year, so there are not many contenders. . . but still.


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