Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Friends

Paul has a best friend.  His name is Tyson.  Sometimes we will be driving in the car and from the back seat I will hear, "I want to see Ty."  And then the request gets louder and louder and until I somehow convince him that we will see Tyson in the near future.

At Paul's age, it is more usual that kids play in the same room or with the same toys but don't really play together.  Fortunately (or sometimes unfortunately for the parents) these kids love actually playing with one another.  One of their favorite activities is to get any loud car or truck from the collection that makes A LOT of noise and race them across the kitchen, while their parents are trying to converse and drink beer.  The nerve!  Their other favorite pastime is running to the couch and slamming their face on the cushions.  I don't really understand the rules of this game.  Ryan says it is because I am not a boy.

Downward facing dogs in matching tee-shirts
Last weekend we all piled in the car and went out to lunch where the boys said "boogers" and "poop" to one another about 342 times.  Each instance resulted in uncontrollable laughter.  I may not understand boys, but I do understand best friends!

Paul and Tyson dancing!


  1. I think the exact phrase that kicked off the poop talk was Paul saying "The Horse is Poopy!!" Its kind of hard not to laugh at those two. :)

  2. Oh yeah...and I think every day for a couple weeks now Ty says, "Paul is going to come over later today, ok? That's the Deal!!"

  3. pretty sure mom's of boys are in for a lifetime of laughing at poop and boogars :)


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