Friday, July 13, 2012

4th Of July!

Everyday I wake up with intention to blog.  Everyday I fail.  It is because I am not working this summer.  If I was working my house would be unpacked, it would be clean, I would have dinners made and laundry done.  Instead, I go to the pool.  And take naps.  I live a rough life. 

 Anyway, I wanted to back track a bit to 4th of July! There was a little parade in our neighborhood, so our favorite neighbors stopped by our house (our messy house) for a pre-parade mimosa and bloody mary.  Nothing says happy birthday America than a 9:00 am alcoholic beverage.  Then we put the kids in their respective strollers and wagons and were off!  We walked a bit, saw a fire truck, ran around, ate ice cream, and threw pine cones. 

Then we all had to head home for naps.  The kids and adults.  This is what happens when morning drinking occurs.

It is so nice to have family live near by, but a stressful part of that is the holidays.  We always are running around trying to spend time with everyone.  4th of July we usually take off and celebrate with our friends by having a barbecue and drinking beer.  This year we made a bit of an exception because my brother and fiance were moving to San Francisco (sad) the next day.  So we stopped by my parent's house to say goodbye.  My mom made a lovely spread of ribs, fried chicken, salads and all the desserts you could imagine.  Paul was impressed!

My dad also captured this lovely moment.  The things you will do to make your child laugh!

If you are wondering where these holiday festive hats are from, my mother has an entire collection.  For every holiday.  This is not an exaggeration!!

 After dinner and SEVERAL desserts, we said goodbye to my family and headed back to our friend's house.  We did not watch any fireworks this year due to all the fires going on in Colorado but the day was fun and busy!  

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  1. Those hats are awesome. Does your mom make them?


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