Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Eve Before Finding Out

We started trying for baby number two after the holidays.  After the miscarriage, I knew I had to give myself the gift of drinking mass amounts of wine throughout the holidays.  Alcohol is the gift that keeps on giving.  We spent 3 months trying and I found out after I went to the dentist and received x-rays for my annual appointment.  I was packing up some of our house as we were getting ready to put our house on the market and start showings, when I found some random pregnancy tests.  I thought that boxes and prego tests obviously go hand in hand, so I took one.  I was quite surprised I was pregnant.  Shocked.  And I immediately called the dentist to make sure I had not given my 2 week old baby any radiation poison due to my x-rays.  Then I made him promise not to tell a soul.  My dentist.  Who did I think he was going to tell?  But he was a good sport, and assured me that my secret was safe.

I was nervous this time.  Really really nervous.  I started spotting at about 5 weeks and had myself in the doctor's office the same afternoon.  I was ready for the worse case scenario.  However, there is nothing really to see at 5 weeks.  The nurse let me cry in her office, told me there was a sac in my uterus, encouraged me to do some blood work so we could see if my numbers increased like they should, and made me an appointment for two weeks.  I did the blood work and tried not to worry.  This incredible nurse called me on a FRIDAY night at 7:30 to assure me my blood work numbers had gone up and that this was a good sign.  She called so late because she "didn't want me to worry over the weekend."  I wanted to kiss this lady over the phone.

We had ultrasounds after that every 2-3 weeks until I got myself over the first trimester hump.  I will forever be grateful for this nurse who didn't think I was neurotic, but instead wanted to put my fears aside. 

Tomorrow we find out if baby #2 is a girl or a boy.  And honestly I don't care either way.  I know people don't believe you when you say that, but I am really telling the truth.  I think it would be fun to have a girl to get mani/pedis with and go shopping and eventually plan a wedding.  But I also think it would be fun to have two boys who are close in age and let my house go completely nuts with the chaos and wildness that boys are.  Really my thoughts are focused on a healthy baby who is nice and won't cry all the time and comes out of the womb sleeping through the night.  Right?

Any guesses?  Blue or Pink?


  1. so happy to hear this story!

    yay for nurses too!

    my guess is girl :)

  2. well said! I'm so glad a nice ob/gyn nurse took care of you!


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