Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Days!

The absolute best part of summer is the pool.  Everyone gets a little sun, Paul loves swimming, and it completely wipes him out so his naps are long.  I can't think of a better activity!  My dad snapped a few pictures of our little fish!  He loves jumping in, dunking his own head, and telling us to "go away" because he thinks he can swim on his own. 

We went to the pool on a Friday night recently to discover you can order pizza and drink beer.  A jackpot situation for all.  Paul was obsessed with kids going off the diving board and then started to insist that he give it a try. I thought I would walk him up there and he would change his mind.  I was wrong.  Now jumping off the diving board is all this kid wants to do! 


  1. i have watched this video an inappropriate amount of times.

    he just jumps in the pool off that diving board and sinks!

    what a little dare devil! you should show him the olympics swimming events on TV and see what he says.

    i love this little guy so much!

  2. this kid is too much... I love how he looks back at the diving board.. ready to go again!


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