Monday, August 6, 2012

Mountain Weekend!

Last weekend, my aunt hosted all of us at the Ritz in Vail.  It was very fancy (I told Ryan over 100 times how much I love being fancy) and a wonderful time!!

We started off in the pool, because some little boy has an obsession.  As a side note, the Olympics has not helped this swimming fixation.  In fact, after watching the diving portion, Paul likes to stand on the edge of the couch and jump backward into the cushions just like the divers.  SUPER. 

 I love this picture of Paul as he looks like he is in complete ecstasy.  I think he was watching his G jump in the pool and he could not be more satisfied with people doing what he tells them. 

The next day, my friend Tori (aka DIZ) and her husband Will organized a little hike with llamas with lunch at the end.  Lunching with llamas was a huge hit.  The llama Jack was Paul's favorite, after Will told him he was the most naughty.  Just today Paul was talking about the bad llama Jack.  After a little hike, the adults sat down to eat some snacks and Paul assisted Will with feeding the llamas lunch.  He couldn't have been happier. 

Saturday night, Ryan and I celebrated six years of marriage!  SIX!  My mom and dad gave us a very generous check for our accomplishment and watched Paul while we went out with Tori and Will.  The rumor is that Paul had an excellent time watching CARS with my dad while eating cookies in bed.  We promptly spent their money on a fantastic dinner, with good conversation, and lots a drinks for them with a couple of sips of red wine for me.  When we returned to the hotel, my aunt had surprised us with a bottle of champagne which some people enjoyed while watching the Olympics.  A perfect celebration for an anniversary! 

The next day someone (cough RYAN cough cough) had a little trouble getting up and going, so my dad and I took Paul on the gondola to the top of the mountain.  When we rode the gondola in March, he was a little scared, but this time he loved it! 

My dad took some pictures, while Paul found some places to run, jump, and dump sand on his shoes! 

 Paul begged me to ride this cute little pony, so I paid the ten dollars and of course he didn't like it once he was on.  He still looks pretty cute!
We ended the afternoon with some lunch and ice cream (my dad and Paul are kindred dessert spirits). 

The next day we visited the pool again and then made our way home.  It was a great time!  

It was also such a gift to travel with a two year old, who literally finds dirt exciting.  As we were driving, he would point out every tree, bush, patch of grass.  He found my mom and her sisters signing show tunes extremely entertaining.  He was so proud to push the buttons to the elevator.  

A two year old does wonders to help the mind appreciate the present moment.  It is so easy to get caught up in todo lists and plans for the future, and what we need for the new house, and all sorts of other things.  But your mind can't help but shift when you see a child content with just water, sand, and a little laughter.  Paul has taught me to be thankful for even the smallest of things and to look around and enjoy the big picture.  What a blessing this little man is! 

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  1. So fun to spend some time with you and your family, Elaine! I think we are all spoiled after staying at the Ritz! We were watching the Olympics diving yesterday and thought of Paul as the men jumped off the diving board and did 4 somersaults before landing in the water...!


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