Friday, September 28, 2012

A Little of This and That

I feel like we have been really busy around here, but that is probably because I've hit the 3rd trimester and getting out of the house with make-up on and Paul in a clean popped collar polo shirt on, seems like a major victory! 

We have still been working on our letters.  We are up to letter E! 
I am not sure he is actually learning his letters but he does LOVE the glue.  And playing with scissors.  Nothing like adding a little danger to an educational lesson.  He does find watercolors entertaining.  Maybe it's because it eventually leads to painting the kitchen table "by accident." 

Last weekend we ventured to the Colorado Railroad Museum.  Did you know such a thing existed?  They had a month long exhibit of Thomas the Train.  Paul is way more into cars than trains, so I didn't know how excited he would be.  Of course he was so happy to be there and thrilled to ride big Thomas.  We went with our friends who have a 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl.  Luckily Paul thinks Ella walks on water and wanted to follow her everywhere. 

Ryan a little less excited to be on Thomas the Train

I posted this picture on FaceBook and it still cracks me up.  Who lets their kids just lounge on the counter?  We do.  He is coloring elephants on my iphone.  With no clothes on.  Totally relaxed. 

And finally, a photo opportunity of Paul and his wife Delilah.  Let the wedding bells ring!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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