Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paul's Latest Hits!

Here are some funny little tidbits from the little dude in our house.  Paul talks A LOT.  He likes to narrate everything he is doing and everyone else is doing.  It amazes us all the new words he learns daily, and how much of the world he understands!  Here are my latest favorites: 

 "Mom, you're my baby and Dad's my dude!"

The dog was putting his face in my lap, trying to snuggle up and Paul exclaimed, "Diddy is trying to get the baby!"

My mom asked Paul if "G" (my dad) was his buddy.  He replied, "No, Tyson is my buddy.  G is a man."

Ryan burped the other day and Paul asked him in a stern voice, "Where are your manners?"

I was eating goldfish for lunch the other day (real healthy) and I accidentally dropped one on the floor.  Diddy scurried and ate it up and Paul said, "Mommy, we don't feed the dog crackers."  When I apologized and told him I didn't mean to he said, "It's okay Mommy but don't do it again."  It is really funny when your exact commentary comes out of a two year old.

We face-timed with Auntie Mo Mo the other day and that woman will do anything to entertain Paul.  So she started making kissing noises into the phone.  Paul continued to touch the screen with his finger, thinking that he was controlling her sounds.  Then he laughed hysterically.

I put Paul down for a nap today and he asked for some snuggles.  Since those are few and far between, I laid down with him in his bed.  When I went to get up to go back downstairs, he said, "No Mommy, I don't want to snuggle by myself."  Obviously I laid right back down. 

Paul, in the final days, is coming around to the idea of a brother.  When the mail lady asked him who was going to visit his house soon, I think she expected him to say Santa.  Instead, he exclaimed, "My baby brother!"  He even rubs my belly and says, "Come out baby!" So sweet!

It is never boring living with a 2 year old!

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  1. i love facetiming him! and i cant wait to kiss and cuddle him in person!


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