Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Reads

Happy Weekend!  I am pretty sad/depressed/on an emotional roller coaster over here because today is my last day of maternity leave with just my sweet baby Charlie.  Tuesday I go back to work.  I can't believe the day is already here.  And although I only have to go back 3 days a week, my heart literally hurts about the thought of leaving my baby.

Dear Universe,
Please let me win the lottery this weekend.  Or just send a lot of money to my mailbox.
Thank you.

Seriously, how do I work from home?

Anyway, to distract me from the big day I have been doing a bit of reading.  I am now obsessed with reading on my ipad and iphone.  They are perfect tools to read from while breastfeeding a baby.  Because I enjoyed Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions so much, I picked up Some Assembly Required from the library.  This book is about her son having his first son and what it is like to observe your child raising their own child/your grandchild.  I am enjoying it so far but I am not sure I would like Lamott as my mother-in-law.  She is certainly an opinionated woman to say the least.  

I had heard so much about The Language of Flowers and it finally became free at the library.  I read it in two days.  It was a little hard to read because it is about foster care, adoption, and abandoning children.  My emotions are not quite strong enough to think about leaving a baby when I am holding my own little bundle of love.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this book.


My friend Sarah sent me this article about how newborns are actually pretty easy.  Especially the second time around.  And in relation to your toddler.  I would have to agree.

These are all the reasons my child could be freaking out.  So true and good for a laugh.

Finally, here are 10 Lessons Everyone Learns in Their 20's.  I loved #4 and #8. 

Happy Weekend everyone.  Please send me lottery numbers.


  1. Sorry that your maternity leave is over. I worked when my babies were little. It was hard. hugs to you

  2. Hi! I'm a blog lurker but I had to comment. I just started The Language of Flowers last night and I finished it 15 minutes ago. Such a good book!

    I hope your weekend lasts forever. Going back to work is so hard.

  3. I'm laughing so hard at the three year old list. So true!! Good luck next week!!


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