Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Didn't Die.

I made it through the entire day!  Last night was ugly as Ryan and I were both in tears.  The alarm went off at 5:00 am and I used every.single.minute to get myself ready and out the door.  Ryan and I tag teamed the entire morning and I felt like I worked a part time job before I arrived at my actual job. 

Things that helped:
1. I packed my pump, my school bag, and my lunch the night before. I even knew what outfit I was going to wear today so I didn't waste a single minute.
2. Ryan changed Charlie while I dried my hair and then got Paul up while I fed Charlie.  Teamwork people.
3. My friend from work had a Starbucks coffee waiting on my desk
4. My other friend had a Starbucks pastry waiting on my desk.  A latte and treat can do wonders for the psyche. 
5. I have received plenty of updates and pictures from daycare.
6. Lots of friends (and my mom) have texted or left messages to let me know they are thinking of me.  Seriously, people are so nice. 

It was nice to drive to work completely alone (Ryan does the morning drop off) and listen to the radio loud and have a bit of alone time.  My students were really kind and excited to see me, so that helped and I was busy which made the day go pretty fast. 

I am sad I could not cuddle my own sweet baby today, but I know he was fine and it will make tonight even better.  And I obviously deserve a glass of wine.  One day down.  Lots to go!


  1. And, as I texted you.. trite.. but It Takes A Village.. you have surrounded those boys with people that love them. I can't help but think this is for their own good.. well rounded, well loved, diverse experiences.. = amazing men. .. and yes Grandma Elaine has been channeling .. we can do this Yes we can!

  2. And oh yes. .. "I get by with a little help from my friends"... and yes, I have been channeling John Lennon. Couldn't make it with out our friends !

  3. Yaaay! You're amazing!


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