Friday, February 22, 2013

It Has Come to This!

Boxed wine.  Before you judge, let me explain:

1. It is kind of funny.  I mean, who buys boxed wine?
2. It is economical.  4 bottles in one box for 27 dollars?  Seriously.
3. It doesn't go bad.  If I just need one little glass a night, it stays in its airtight seal, and I don't have to worry about wasting wine.  (Who would ever waste wine?)

I think I have actually made a pretty mature decision going this route.  And I obviously was not paid to endorse the Black Box.  However, I think I would make a great spokesperson.  

Here is a little funny Friday read.  Happy Weekend! 


  1. I love the black box. No shame in my game!

  2. I just added this to my drinking, um, I mean grocery list.

  3. boxed wine, especially black box is GOOD! no judgement and a big fan! (also, bota box aint half bad either!)

  4. it has come to the same situation in our house. lovin it.


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