Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013

I couldn't be happier about having two boys.  But as I was watching the Oscars last night, I realized that no one in my family is ever going to sit on the couch with me and critique outfits.  I tried to rope Paul in asking for his opinion, but the only comment he had was "Wow.  Another dress."  Not helpful. 

First of all, I don't think Seth MacFarlane is very funny. 

Am I the only one?  Can we get a Tina Fey, Amy Poehler combo?  Or Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig?  Those people are funny. 

And why we are the subject, Kristin Chenoweth makes me feel weird.  Maybe it is because she is so small you could fit her in your pocket, but I think she is awkward, a little crazy, and not that funny. 

Oh Anne Hathaway.  You odd little duck.  I guess you have to be a little strange to be an actor, but her acceptance speeches make me cringe.  And that dress?  Come on Anne!  You had all the choices in the world, and you made one that created pointy boobs?  I did like the back, but the front?  B-O-R-I-N-G.

This nine year old was pretty cute, and I couldn't help but love the puppy purse.  I wish she did something else besides show her muscles every time the camera was on her, but since she is nine I'll give her a pass. 

Who is sick of Kristen Stewart? Smile.  Stop being so weird. 


Jennifer Lawerence, I think I love you.  I love that you always talk about food and I love that you fell up those stairs and when asked about what went through your head when you fell, you said "a bad word.  That starts with F."  Hilarious. 

Adele, you are amazing.  You look amazing and sound amazing and are always classy.  I heart you. 

What were your thoughts about the awards show?  Any dresses you loved or hated?


  1. Adele was so pretty when she sang.

    I have a house full of men. I called them into my room when the James Bond montage started and then kicked them out when I realized that they were ruining my Oscar high!

    My bff got to watch with her 10 year old daughter. I was jealous until I remembered that puberty is right around the corner and girls are much worse!

  2. I didnt watch them, but I totally want to now after your critique.

    I love Seth MacFarlane. I think I want to be his girlfriend. I'm sure my Hubs won't mind - he loves him too. (But not in THAT way.)

    Kristin Chenoweth needs to stop overcompensating with her hair. Its like a short man that drives a big truck. You're short. Stop trying to be a foot taller through your hair.

    Kristen Stewart is weird. How is she considered attractive? I don't get it at all. Never have.

    If Jennifer Lawrence and I ever met, I am convinced we would be best friends. And we would split a pizza and a pitcher of beer. Because that's how best friends roll.

    I'm gonna go youtube the Oscars now. Wanna Skype and re-watch them together? I can totally snark on the dresses with you!


    Did you see the after party interview of JL? She's officially my new favorite actress.


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