Monday, March 18, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Seventh Generation Giveaway! From all your baby tips, it seems the most popular was to not forget diapers and supplies when out and about!  Sounds like there are some disastrous stories behind these tips! 

Anyway, the BIG winner was Mamma Mags!
Her tip was:

baby care tip: have everything set up and ready for night time bottles. have the water poured in the bottle and the formula pre-measured in another cup. then just dump it in, shake, feed the baby. saves a lot of time and frustration in the middle of the night.

if your baby likes warmer than room temp bottles, pour pre-measured water in a good coffee thermos to keep warm until that 2am/3am/4am/etc feeding. 

Please send me your address and I'll pass your info along!! 

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by!  Great to see some new people!

And, because what would a post be without a picture of one the boys?  Charlie rocking a little tummy time!  Look at that hair!


  1. Look at Charlie holding his head up!! Way to go!!

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