Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brain Dump!

How do people blog everyday?  Or more than once a day?  They should win an award.  I always have this fantasy of sitting at my desk with herbal tea and letting my fingers just type away.  It's the same fantasy that lets me believe one day I could write a book and sell it to Hollywood to make a movie and I could retire and have tons on money and lunch everyday after my morning yoga class.  And then I would just spend all my time grooming myself.  But that is never going to happen because I can't even find time to write on this blog. 

So here is what has been going on.  A brain dump of sorts.  Not a best seller, so don't get too excited.

Charlie is in that really chunky baby stage.  He has huge thighs and cankles.  I love them so much.  In fact, I almost want to prevent him from crawling because I know as soon as he starts moving he will lose all of his fat.  And his cheeks?  They are to die for!  You can't help but kiss them an inappropriate amount of times. 

We had to take Paul in to after care Saturday night, because of his shitting problems.  Seriously.  And now I am constantly saying the word poop in that high octave sing-song voice which translates to come on man, just poop in the god damn toilet.  It's not that bad.  It's fuuuuuun!  I annoy myself.  Probably why he continues to shit in his pants. 

Ryan turned 34 this weekend.  We were suppose to go out to dinner, but then we went to after care and watched our 3 year old receive a rectal exam instead.  Seems about right.  But Ryan met up with his buddies after the doctor, and allegedly had only 6 beers.  6 beers that just about killed him as he was hung over all of Sunday.  We are talking fetal position on the floor, the sweats, can't eat, etc.  Welcome 34.  Sounds like you're going to be a real bitch. 

My house got cleaned today and I am not sure anything makes me happier.  I almost had a beer to celebrate the fact I did not have to clean our disgusting bathrooms and kitchen.  But I didn't.  Mostly because I am on a two drink maximum due to my poor choices.  Actually I think I make really fun choices, but since my children like to wake up at 6:00 AM, it doesn't feel like much fun the next morning.  So I allow myself two drinks, and so far I am sticking to it.  If I have a beer now, there is too much time between the present moment and bedtime, so more of a chance to break my own rules. 

School is winding down and I have a lot of yoga teaching on my summer calender.  I also want to plan a family vacation with the four of us.  But I don't know where.  And frankly is it even worth it?  But it looks nice in my head. 

I really want to do some spring shopping.  I didn't do any shopping last spring (the horror) because I was pregnant, and my closet is feeling bare.  I know Ryan is laughing reading this, thinking there is no way my closet could be described as bare.  But ladies, you know what I mean.  I need some colored jeans and tops and dresses and new shoes.  Basically everything.  Someone send money. 

Mother's Day is Sunday and I don't even know what I want.  I live in maid?  A chef?  Sorry Ryan but I'm no help to myself.  What do you all have on your gift lists?

Alright, I think that is what is going on over here.  The big news is that it is teacher appreciation day and so Chipotle is offering buy one get one one free burrito.  Maybe I don't need a live in chef after all, with deals like these!! 

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