Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Charlie 5 months!

I gave myself a pep talk this second time around that time would go too fast and to cherish the moments.  And as much as I try to do that, time continues to whiz by.  It's sad and exciting at the same time, watching my baby grow up!  I haven't even given Charlie a chance to take a single nap in his crib.  We are either on the go so he has to sleep in his car seat, or I just hold him and let him sleep on my chest.  I should probably get him into some sort of napping routine, but I don't really care.

I just reviewed Paul's 5 month post, and in terms of development Paul and Charlie seem very similar.  I still can't decide if they look alike.  What do you think?

                                                                   Paul 5 months                                                                                    Charlie 5 months

Charlie is practicing sitting up and getting pretty strong.  This is the position he most prefers so he can watch what is going on around him.

He has also found his feet this month.  I love watching him try to stuff his entire foot into his mouth.  He is pretty proud of himself when he makes this connection.

Charlie is really chunky and cute and still has a good amount of hair.  He is the nicest baby, he hardly ever cries, and this morning when I went to go get him from his crib he was just in there entertaining himself by blowing raspberries.

He is a great sleeper, going to bed around 8:15 and waking up around 6:15-6:30.  He loves to eat his bottle and I guess we will start him on solids next month.

He has become more interested in the dog this month, pulling on the dog's ear and trying to pet him.  Diddy rewards him by licking his entire face.

Charlie loves the bath, doesn't mind water pouring down his face.  His big brother loves to help at bath time, especially pouring water on his belly.  I think Charlie will have a good time this summer at the pool.  I'm glad I have two little fishes in my family because the pool equates to really good afternoon naps!

Charlie and Paul love each other and before I know it they will be in their playroom alone, not wanting any interference from their mother.  Until then I will cherish my baby's nap times on my chest.

Happy 5 months baby.  Feel free to put on the brakes!


  1. So sweet! I know exactly what you mean about everything in this post. The time, holding the baby, sibling love... all of it. Aren't we the luckiest?! ;)

  2. Oh, what darling boys! I can't believe Charlie is already 5 mo. old. He really is the sweetest baby, so everything you're doing is perfect. Especially fostering that brotherly love.


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