Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charlie Is 6 Months!

This is my favorite age.  Charlie is chunky and happy and smiles constantly.  I can always fix the "problem" he is having in a matter of minutes.  He can't move, he can't talk back to me, he just observes, smiles, and pats his hands on his knees.  I love him. 

Charlie loves sitting up.  Loves, loves loves.  He can see more of the action that way.  He is just starting to lunge forward to reach for toys and get himself on his belly.  Then he straightens his arms and tries to find his brother.  So sweet.  I know that these are the warning signs that Charlie will become mobile.  I am choosing to ignore them so that he will stay my cuddly chunker baby.  Forever. 

He is more interested in the dog.  Diddy lets him "pet" him, which really translates to Charlie pulling his ears and fur.  But someone should probably be interested in Diddy, since the rest of us are over him.  Sorry Diddy. 

Charlie loves the water.  He loves bath time, even when Paul dumps water on his head to "help" wash his hair.   He especially loves the pool.  He laughs and splashes and really enjoys himself.

He is much more interested in toys. He grabs them, inspects them, bangs them together, and then puts them in his mouth. 

He is "talking" more.  This means he is screaming, screeching, and laughing more.  It is so cute.

Charlie is so easy going and I thought nothing could bother him.  Until I took him into the doctor for his 6 month check-up.  She was on the computer at first, asking me 102 questions and he was laughing and smiling and flirting with his eyes.  Then she came close.  And she was talking the entire time, telling him what she was going to do.  But when she put her finger on his nose, just to say hello, the little man lost his mind.  He cried and cried and his face turned red and I started laughing as I was so surprised by this reaction.  She said it was a good sign.  That I was actually him mom now, someone who meant something to him.  Well thank goodness for that I guess. 

We just started food.  I have given him rice cereal (not a fan, but who the hell would be?), apples (those went better) and pears (huge hit).  I mean we are actually getting about 2 tiny spoonfuls into his mouth, but it's kind of something fun to work on.  I am even going to make my own food (gasp).  I got these cute little ice tray containers and all of the supplies.  I of course haven't actually done anything yet, but it's on the list! 

Charlie Loves: playing in water, bottles, sleeping at night, being carried, outside, Paul, Paul, Paul, the dog, the vacuum, pears
Charlie Hates: the doctor, naps in his crib, laying down when he knows something better is going on

If I let my mind wander, sometimes it lands on our miscarriage, almost two years ago (can that be right?)  I don't think about it often, but I do revisit that day occasionally.  And it was sad.  Sad that what you think is going to happen, how you think your life is going to be painted, doesn't quite turn out like you thought it would.  But without that miscarriage, we wouldn't have had Charlie.  And I can't imagine my family without sweet baby Charlie. 

Thanks for completing us sweet boy.  Now stop growing. 



  1. so sweet!

    i need to see him while he is still immobile and chunky!


  2. Oh, I LOVE reading this. As I go through it, I think "yep, sounds like Teddy" or "omg, Holden does the SAME THING!" I cannot wait for these guys to play together. They share pretty much the same interests and skills!

  3. So many things! 1)Charlie is freaking adorable! 2)I'm over my dog too. FOR. REAL. (sorry, not sorry) 3)Did you get special ice trays for baby food or just your everyday, average ice trays??? 4)Hugs to you and your angel baby.

  4. He's SO sweet! Easton's favorite things are pears and "petting" our dog as well! :)

  5. How'd you guys do it....perfection x 2!!

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