Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 Months Old!

Well, the universe doesn't want to listen and our baby just keeps getting bigger. 

 He can scoot backward pretty efficiently.  He cries because he cannot figure out to scoot forward.  And then we laugh at him.  It is going to be any day now.  I need to put those protective things over my outlets.  And vacuum.  He is on his tummy within seconds from sitting up, trying to reach forward for a toy.  He can rock back and forth on all fours, but still can't connect all the steps. 

I think Paul was a little more eager to move as Charlie seems more content to watch Paul.  But then he will surprise me.  For example, I will put them both in the bath together, Charlie in a little bathtub within the big bathtub, and he will splash and try to stand up.  Not so content to be still anymore. 

He likes to eat.  I have thrown all caution to the wind, and give him whatever I feel like.  Avocado, eggs, oatmeal and apples, sweet potato, those weird yogurt melt things that dissolve in your mouth.  He likes to cry if you don't feed him fast enough but then he spits quite a bit of the food back out.  It is a messy cycle. 

We have no teeth.  Paul did not get any teeth until he was 10 months old, so it is not really on my radar, but I feel like he is getting them sometimes, the way he chews on EVERYTHING. 

He sat in the front seat of the grocery cart in Target while Paul was in the actual cart.  I don't even know where I put the groceries.  But I was pretty proud of myself for taking both the kids alone. 

Sleep is... I don't even know.  Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not.  I know I made Paul cry it out much earlier than this, but I have gotten soft in my old age.  I just don't want to.  So even if I have to make a couple of pacifier trips in the middle of the night, I don't care. 

He is seriously the sweetest baby in the world, and when I put him to bed I always try to give him a few extra snuggles because I know my time is limited!  Happy 7 Months Charlie!


  1. Such sweet boys! I love all these updates! I want to see a visual of both boys in shopping cart at same time! Love those little turkeys! Charlie is so chunky! I don't want him to get skinny from crawling until I see him fat!!

  2. I'll bet your boys will want your snuggles for a long time. They are both so affectionate!


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