Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charlie is 8 Months!

School started.  With us back to work, I know the days are going to go even faster.  And I'm sad.  My sweet little baby is already 8 months old.  Why is this happening?

Charlie is a full on crawler.  He is pretty proud of himself, although sometimes he has to grunt while he moves.  Like it is a serious workout.  He can also pull himself up to standing.  The other day I went to go get him from his nap, and he was just standing there looking at me.  Sneaky baby.  He can get from his back into a sitting position and he is almost in that stage where he is into every single thing.  Diaper changers are beginning to get hard because he loves to flip over and has no time for something so ridiculous like a diaper change. 

We think he says "hi" but I am not sure any first words have been discovered yet.  Is this normal?  I can't even remember.

He loves his brother so much and Paul adores him.  Every single morning, the first question out of Paul's mouth is "Where's my brother Charlie?"  

He can clap, sort of wave, and I think he is the cutest baby in the entire world.  He has good hair, big blue eyes, and a smile that will probably break many girl's hearts.  Here's to hoping.


  1. Nice plank, Charlie! Also, blue is your color!

  2. i die over the one of you holding him on the front porch. die!


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