Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 Things on a Saturday

Why can't I blog????  Oh yes, it is because I have two boys who demand quite a bit of attention.  My summer is coming to an end and although some days have been challenging to keep everyone entertained, I am so sad.  I love waking up with these boys, chugging coffee, watching cartoons, giving Charlie a bottle, watching them play with one another.  In another week it will be a race around the clock to get everyone dressed, packed, lunches made, and out the door.  But we have to pay the bills! 

Here's a quick summary of what has been going on:

1. Charlie turns 8 months TODAY.  I will try to put that post up before I return to work.  I can't believe he's 8 months.  He still has lots of hair, big blue eyes, and a smile that can't help make you a happier person.  We love him. 

2.  Paul loves Charlie.  Every single morning, the first thing Paul asks is "where's Charlie?"  He hugs him, helps him clap, puts his pacifier in, etc.  Paul does get a little angry when Charlie touches or perhaps looks too long at one of his toys, but overall I love watching them interact with one another.

3.  My friend Sarah came over last night with her two kiddos and I made a post-it note of all the things we needed to discuss.  We BARELY made it through the list.  Kids wanted to eat, drink, go the bathroom, watch them jump, get this and that from the toy room, etc.  Over are the days were we can finish a story or an entire thought before someone interrupts us.  Oh well.  The kids love each other.  And it has been so fun this summer because Sarah's husband and Ryan have both been working Friday nights, so we've had these Friday night play dates quite a bit!  It is making the arranged marriage between Paul and Delilah a lot easier. 

4. Don't you just love school supplies?  On my list this weekend is to get some new grading pens and mechanical pencils!  I don't really want to do the grading, but I'll love my new pens!

5. Paul has been obsessed with Bill Nye, the Science Guy.  We downloaded a video about mammals for Paul, since he loves animals.  Well, hello science.  There are live births of cows, lambs, puppies, etc.  Sex education for a three year old is quite hysterical.  One of the facts about mammals is that they have hair.  They also drink milk from their moms.  In one point in the video, the narrator explains that sometimes you have to help the baby find the mom's nipple so they can start to eat.  Paul LOVES to repeat that line.  He takes his stuffed monkey to my arm, belly button, leg and says, "Sometimes you have to help the baby find the nipple.  HAHAHAHAH, I said nipple."  Is this already starting?  Yes. 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  He are my two dudes in the bath.  I think they really look like each other in this picture!!!


  1. I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES.. when you were younger a few.. will not name names.. friends of mine.. would not take their children school supply shopping!WHAT?? This was the best parent/child outing EVER... my friends kept saying. "it's too expensive when the kids go with- I'm just going to get the cheapest supplies I can find" but oh no.. a week later the same parent would be spending a gizzilion $ on athletic equip! . and that is o.k? When your boys are ready... I'm ready.. we will go across the universe to get the "right' pencil box.. markers,,, note books etc.. HELLO people.. you are telling your childen.. wait for it.. school is important !!!when you take them school supply shopping..o.k I'm so worked up I may have to go buy me some new.. MARKERS !! Happy New School Year!!

  2. Charlie looks so fat! And Paul looks like such a big boy! Love these little guys!

  3. Your boys are adorable! I'll be heading back to teaching (substitute) in October... sooo not ready! Love the story about the nipple! HAHA!


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