Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why I started selling Rodan and Fields...

I think one of the most fascinating things about parenthood is that it really makes you eat your words.  How you thought you would do things, or react to things becomes quite different once little people literally come out of your body.

I always find it funny that I was not 100% sure I even wanted kids.  My husband was confident about the idea, while I was wary.  I was constantly concerned about the challenges of raising kids, money, what if they became addicted to drugs, or dated someone awful, or tattooed their face, or started to hate us.  And now that I actually have children and am completely obsessed with each of them, I am also clear about those questions of "what if."  You will love them anyway.

Like anything else, I didn't know it was going to be like this.  I didn't know about this part of myself or personality or how much I really like being a mom.  I like to be home with my kids.  I like to put them to bed at night.  I like to see them in the morning (although that could be a little later than FIVE AM boys).  I like to butter their waffles and tie their shoes and play cars and watch Charlie crawl and listen to all of Paul's made up stories that start with "once upon a time..."  Of course some days are long or monotonous or plain boring.  But the majority of the time, it's incredible.  It's amazing to see people grow in front of your eyes.  To overcome the fear of the playground slide.  To start to talk.  To make friends.  To resolve their own conflicts.  And I feel so lucky that I get to be around for a lot of it.  Because I only work 3 days a week, I get to be there to put on the band-aids and cuddle them when they are sick and take them to the pool and teach them that the outlets are not really a toy.

But it was sort of our game plan that I would only work part time until the kids were a bit older.  Until they went to school.  And that sounded nice when this started, but now I feel greedy.  Now I have dreams of volunteering, or helping with field trips, or simply walking Paul to school and not having him go to before care and being home when they get done to hear about their day. 

If you told me 6 months ago I would try direct selling I would have told you you were crazy.  This is certainly something I would never think of doing.  But for the millionth time since Paul was born, I am eating my own words. 

I am lucky because the products I am selling are awesome, my mom is using a regimen for sun damage and can really see results in just a short amount of time!  I feel lucky that this business is something I can work on from home, when the boys are napping or when they go to bed.  I am lucky that this business has allowed me to reach out and reconnect with old friends.  Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the whole picture.  If my whole picture is Ryan, Paul, and Charlie then they are worth the risk.  And sometimes the risk is as easy as, let me give this a try.

I would love to answer any questions you have about the products, about the business, or anything else!  Leave a comment or email me!

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  1. something i can definitely get behind! i need to place an order!


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