Monday, September 16, 2013

Labor Day in Pictures!

We spent Labor Day in Estes Park with great weather, an excited 3 year old and a happy baby!  Thank goodness my dad takes pictures or else I would have nothing to show for our adventure!

 The best we could do for a family of 4 shot. 
 Loves to hang out and watch everything going on! 

Our little daredevil Paul went on this slide maybe a million times.  In the above photo he is talking some shit to his dad before the big race about how fast he is!  


 I love that these two have the same expression on their faces!

We went on a hayride!  It rained most of the time, but we roasted hot dogs, drank hot chocolate and pet horses.  A big hit for Paul!

 Serenaded by a cowboy!

 All requests for sweets were granted by Paul's G.  Here's a cute face after enjoying a chocolate donut!
 Did a little fishing!
And this guy!  Just loves to watch his brother and crawl around pull himself up!  He has wild hair and I just want to eat him up!

A very fun weekend!


  1. Happy Trail to you!
    What a beautiful family you have ! Glad we get to share time with you !

  2. The last photo of Charlie looks like you when you were his age!


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