Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well, Well, Well

I feel like I just need to write a post.  Even a dumb post.  And then maybe my writing mojo will come back.  I wish I would make this blog more of a priority because I love looking back at Paul's monthly posts and remembering those times.  Tomorrow I am going to write Charlie's 9/10 month old post.  Because he's almost 11 months.  So that seems about right. 

We are doing well.  We are busy.  Our jobs are busy.  Our two boys are very busy.  Our house is always messy but we are happy.  Very happy. 

So onto the meat of this post.  Ankle boots.  Yay or nay?  Seriously this is what I am writing about.  I saw these at Target and tried them on, but I wasn't wearing the right pants so I wasn't sure.  But when I seem them around town I like them. 

Okay, that's all I can do.  Better tomorrow, I promise!!


  1. I have some ankle boots from last year that i really like- but I agree its crucial to have on the right pants... And like show a little ankle skin between skinny jean and ankle boot, which admittedly might be harder to tolerate in Denver than Austin.

  2. Please Sweet Jesus... Keep up on your posts/promises that tomorrow will be better.. I can't take one more face book/email/ live comment.... "we need an update about Charlie and Paul.".. please dear God... there are other things happening in the world.. but NO you have created this following... and they are waiting anxiously for updates.. why they do not contact you directly I DO NOT KNOW.. and I have suggested it many times.. and I like ankle boots... kind of sort of.. OK I'm 60 what the f do you want from me.? ok 61.. but I like updates on the messiahs better... just so I don't have to answer.. how come there aren't any updates on Elaine's blog..AND I did not tell people to "get a life" but I thought it xo xo xo


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