Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

This is how we do Halloween at our house.  Yes, that is a box of wine. 

Last year at Halloween, I was pregnant with Charlie.  And the boys had a wonderful idea to fill a cooler with Coors Light and drink a few beverages while the kids when trick or treating.  So this year I did not want to miss out on celebrating this wonderful holiday with a few drinks.  Or a box.

My mom bought Paul a Buzz Lightyear costume a few months ago that he does not like taking off.  So his outfit was decided long ago.  I looked hard for a Woody outfit for Charlie to match our Toy Story theme (although I didn't look that hard) but didn't find anything.  So the day of Halloween I just decided Charlie could be the monkey Paul was when he was younger.  However, it must have slipped my mind that the monkey outfit was made for 0-6 months.  And Charlie has a huge booty.  But we squeezed that sucker on and he looked pretty cute in my opinion!

Kathy and I picked up the boys at school and took them trick or treating down Mainstreet.  They were a little unsure at first, but once they realized people gave them candy they literally asked every single adult they encountered for a treat. 

Then we all met back at our house.  Our other friends came over with Noah (superman) and we had some pizza. 

The men took the big boys out and about and they totally scored in the candy department.  Meanwhile, the ladies stayed home with the babies!  We drank wine, listened to 90's hits, and overall had a great time!  Happy Halloween (11 days later)!

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