Friday, December 20, 2013

There's Always the Light

Last weekend I was mad/disappointed/sad at the world, as I watched the news unfold the events that occurred at Arapahoe High School.  The same high school I attended for four years.  It made me sad as a parent that I am going to entrust the universe with my children and one day the phone could ring to notify me that one of my boys is in a dangerous place: School.  Of course it also made me sad as a teacher.  That I personally need to be worried for my safety if a student and I don't see eye to eye.

I took Charlie to the doctor yesterday for his one-year old check-up.  We were in the waiting room with some older gentlemen and Charlie was walking around and smiling and being super cute.  Obviously.  The men took a liking to Charlie right away, asking how old he was, what he liked to do, telling him how adorable he was.  Then they looked at me and said, "you are doing a great job at being his mom.  Just look how happy he is.  What a blessing."  It took everything in my body not to cry and hug these sweet strangers.  Of course I loved these compliments but it was also just what I needed to restore my faith a bit in society.  That people I had no connection to, would probably never see again were so kind.  To me, my child, the world.

The universe is actually filled with incredible, thoughtful, caring people.  This holiday season, I am going to focus on that.  The light will always outshine the dark. 

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  1. I can just feel Grandma Elaine's soul in your words. What an incredible post! And, as you already know I sent it to my friends. We do need to see light in the darkness.. and nothing better to do that than two beautiful boys. And, those older "boys" at the Dr. office. good thing I wasn't there I would have been doing some hugging and crying . What a gifted writer you are ! xo xo


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