Monday, January 6, 2014


 I love, love, love lists, resolutions, to-dos.  I have them all over the house, all over work. There is something so gratifying about crossing off an item on your list.  So there is no surprise that I have quite the list of New Year's resolutions.  Here you go:

1. Try 3 new restaurants (This shouldn't be too hard because who doesn't like to eat out?  And we need to get out of our restaurant comfort zone.)
2. Limit Paul's screen time (Ugh.  I set these resolutions and then Ryan and I were so hungover New Year's Day we let Paul watch Planes.  Twice.  I know I need a system, I just haven't figured out what it is yet.  Stay tuned.)
3. More outside activities (Already started this with some fresh snow sledding.  I stayed home because Charlie was napping.  Ryan said Paul had fun until snow got in his glove. Then sledding was over).
4. Run a half marathon (I don't really love running but I want to.  Want to do something else besides yoga and I know I won't just go out to run, so I need a plan.)
5. Have XXX in savings (BORING but probably necessary)
6. Take a beach vacation with the boys (Want to take a plane vacation before Charlie turns 2 so we don't have to pay for him and I think Paul will love the beach)
7. Do 1 pinterset thing a month ( I pin so much and then never look at it again.  The only exception to this are recipes.  So hopefully some of those DIY projects get done this year).
8. Read 3 books a month (I can totally do this, but since I have become obsessed with the library, a lot of books I own have gone unread.  Going to remedy that this year.)
9. Get ottoman or coffee table for family room (I need to put my feet up and set my wine somewhere.  Enough said.)
10. Create a monthly budget (Again, boring).
11. Blog everyday for a month (Won't that be fun for you)
12. See 6 movies in the theater (I love seeing movies but feel that this hobby has really slipped since having children)
13. Add 1 more consultant for Rodan and Fields (Building the business.  Want to join me?)
14. Attend one yoga conference or workshop (Want to feel some yoga inspiration)
15. Take Facebook off my phone (Already done.  Why do I care what other people are doing more than what my family is doing in front of me?  Or why do I feel the need to scroll facebook while waiting in line at the grocery store.  Nothing that exciting is happening).
16. Read more books to Charlie (Now that is he done with bottles, I am hoping to make this a more regular part of his nightly routine)
17. Stop eating out for one month (Doesn't really go with #1, but we did this in the past a little by accident and it was shocking how much money could be saved).  

Happy 2014! 
What's on your list?


  1. I know someone who lives right by a few amazing beaches.

  2. These are good resolutions! We will discuss when I see you. I've got a good list too. Duh. Bc we both love lists. Bc we are best friends.


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