Tuesday, March 11, 2014

15 Months and Just Keeps Growing.

I am sitting at my kitchen table with my 8th cup of coffee.  There is a cold front coming in which is a little annoying since it's March and it was beautiful on Sunday but the house is so quiet and peaceful because the Char Man is sleeping and Paul is at school.  Dinner is in the crock pot and I am researching cleaning people.  Basically, I feel like mother of the year.  

Anyway, my baby is 15 months old.  And he is so cute.  I say that every month, but seriously I think he is the cutest.  However, I am pretty sure I blocked this age out with Paul.  Charlie can't talk. But he can point.  So for what I feel lasts 24 a day he points and whines.  Points and whines.  Points and whines. He knows what he wants but cannot articulate that in words.  So he points and whines. Then Ryan and I put on a big show trying to guess what he wants.  We have about a 50% success rate. Point and whine.  This is going to end, right?

He loves the dog.  I sometimes catch them in very intimate make-out sessions.  Which would be cute if Diddy didn't eat his own shit.

He loves to crawl up the stairs aka break through the extremely intensive trap we have set up to try and avoid this very activity.

He says night-night, Paul (although that comes out as a scream), bye, hi, up, down, mama, dada, thank you, uh oh, yeah, tree, and a bunch of other things we don't understand.  And he whines.

He likes to play with anything Paul is playing with.  For example, if Paul has taken is 323 cars and put them in a very straight line, Charlie likes to walk over and mess that up immediately.

He likes to find his head, eyes, nose, ears, toes, belly.  He is a big fan of ring around the rosie and most other sing alongs.

He likes to read books and takes baths.  He also finds it necessary to splash all of the water out of the tub to create a flood.

He likes to "help" unload the dishwasher and do the laundry.  I am sure it is not necessary to add, but this is not very helpful.

He hates to get his face wiped and be told no and getting his diaper changed.  He loves being naked. He would walk around with no diaper all day if his parents weren't so worried about him peeing on the floor.

Charlie is a lover with his hugs and open mouth kisses.  I wish time would slow down but I love seeing him grow and trying to keep up with his big brother!


  1. These boys are the sweetest things and I need to come visit Charlie ASAP to see him do all these big boy things!!!!

  2. OMG he is gifted.. he is speaking a foreign language( wining) and you just can't understand him!! He is a doll baby.. .. but whoa.. two is double trouble:) Love them both!1

  3. Gahhh he just keeps getting cuter! I didn't think that was possible.

    The stair thing is crazy-making, no? We finally just gave up and let them climb the stairs. After a week or two the novelty wore off a bit.

  4. What a handsome little dude!! I know the point and whine all too well unfortunately... and I totally LOL'd at the dog make-out session part!


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