Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Random Update

Well now if this doesn't make you laugh, what will?

Also, are these cute?  I'm asking the real important questions today. 
I'm reading this for book club.  Don't even know if it is good yet because I just started and book club is Tuesday.  Oops.

Charlie is 14 months old.  How did this happen?  We are in that really fun stage where he whines all the time because he can't talk or express what he wants.  I must of blocked this out from Paul.  Luckily, he is so cute and makes the most adorable face when you ask him to "cheese."  He eats constantly.  He smiles at everyone and he loves to give wet open mouth kisses.  I love that kid.

Paul on the other hand, talks constantly, is into fantasy with his airplanes and loves to tell me what kids say potty words at school.  I had to buy him some new clothes because all of a sudden his pants were too short and the arms of his shirts were only reaching his elbows.  So he is getting taller.  But not any fatter.

The weather was so nice last weekend that we spent much of it outside, which was great for my little sick household to air everyone out.  We also had the house cleaned this week which I am pretty sure made me the happiest I have ever been.

We are watching the next season of House of Cards and it is so good.  I mean the first episode?  Shocking.

And as I am writing this, Charlie is pouring dry spaghetti on the floor and Paul is trying to ride the dog.  Is it wine time yet?

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


  1. i just sent the bff clip to my bff 's.. still laughing!

  2. Yes those shoes are cute, no way in hell I could pull those off, but you could.

  3. Yes those shoes are cute, no way in hell I could pull those off, but you could.


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