Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Home Improvement DIY

I don't think I would call "do it yourself" home improvement our "thing."  In the process it usually leaves one of us not mad, but huffy.  Is that an adjective?  Nevertheless, I was on Pinterest overload this summer and had a lot of "ideas."  But these ideas only came to fruition the last week of summer.  Of course.  

The first project was a jewelry organizer.  I don't know about you but my jewelry was just bunched all together in my closet, in a drawer and I never knew what I had.  In fact when I went through things for the project I found many broken earrings and many without matches.  How did I lose so many earrings?  Who knows.  But now everything is organized and sorted.  Hello summer nesting.  No I'm not pregnant.  

So I found this project on Pinterest (duh) and I swore I pinned a link to it, but now I can't find it anywhere.  I just spent 20 minutes looking but now I am giving up.  Know that this is not my original idea and I did follow some steps.  I bought a frame and a metal sheet from Hobby Lobby.  Yes, Hobby Lobby.  And I feel bad about that because of the no birth control thing, but I couldn't find this ridiculous metal sheeting anywhere else and so I went in and I felt guilty the whole time.  If this jewelry organizer didn't look so cute I would feel really awful.  

Anyway, I spray painted the frame and then secured the metal sheeting behind it.  Ryan hung it for me.  Ryan and I have a different approach to hanging things.  I eyeball things, cross my fingers and hope for the best.  Ryan measures, there is a level involved and it is a much more arduous process.  But don't worry, it looks better when Ryan does it.  Figures. 
The Handyman

The final product.  I hung my necklaces on a contraption I picked up at IKEA for 10 dollars.  I'm pretty impressed with myself.  

The next project was a little harder.  We wanted to frame the mirror in the boy's bathroom.  By we I mean me.  All of our mirrors are the standard, old, boring look but I decided to tackle the boy's bathroom first because if we really messed up there was a less of a chance people would actually see it. There are tons of tutorials on this on Pinterest as well, but I found this one the most helpful.  It is not perfect, but it looks much much better.  And now we need new light fixtures in there.  But I have to give Ryan a break or else he will divorce me.  


Finally, we have quite a bit of blank wall space in our house.  But I hate putting stuff up just to put it up.  I like the idea of a gallery wall, but I am not sure if I want to showcase it in our main family room. There is a large wall between Paul's room and the guest room and I thought we could experiment there. This is just a start and I'm thinking we can expand this and fill up the entire wall.  I bought some of these frames at IKEA and some at goodwill and spray painted them.  I have a new found love for spray paint.  

Don't worry, I have many more ideas... stay tuned.  Sorry Ryan.

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  1. I love, love, love the trim around the mirror! It makes such a difference!


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