Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Salad

What do you all make for dinner?  I am feeling so uninspired lately.  I want it to be quick and healthy and taste good.  Is that so much to ask for?  Actually, if we are wishing for things then I wish someone would make it for me too.

We had some friends over a couple of weeks ago and they brought this fantastic salad.  I made it again just a few days later.  It is easy, fresh and tastes amazing!!

Simple ingredients include watermelon, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, basil, olive oil and salt and pepper.  Make it today. It's amazing.  You should also add tomatoes and toasted almonds, but we didn't have any and I was too lazy to deal with the grocery store.  It was still really good!

Recipe from here! 

Seriously though, what are you making for dinner?

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