Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bad Words.

Ryan and I don't have the cleanest mouths in the world.  It's possible some find it offensive, but I don't really care.  Things are just much more descriptive once you add the F word.  We keep telling each other that we need to clean up our acts before 4 year old rabbit ears starts to repeat us.
However, so far we have been in the clear.

Except for 3 words:
1. Stupid
2. Butt
3. Idiot

Say those words and you will get a talking too.  A very serious, stern look.  His voice gets a little lower and he says, "Mom.  We don't say stupid.  Stupid is a bad word.  Don't say stupid."  It is important to say the "bad" word over and over again as you being reprimanded.

In fact, one morning we were at the pool and an 18 year old was talking to her friend and commented that something was "stupid."  Paul jumped right up out of the water and told this poor girl that we don't way that word.  She was sweet and I was laughing hysterically but also felt sort of bad.  Lord help us when he realizes all the things we have really been saying.  Stupid will be a distant memory.

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