Thursday, September 4, 2014

Something Really Important.

I have discovered something very important.  Life changing in fact.

I do not have to wash my hair every. single. day.  WHAT??????????????  In my earlier life I was an everyday shower kind of person. And then I started practicing yoga and I thought to myself, what is the point of showering if I am just going to get this sweaty again tomorrow?  Which is probably not the best mindset, but whatever.

Then having kids on top of this yoga issue, sometimes I have to pause and REALLY think about the last time I've actually washed myself.  It's not pretty.

Anyway, helping me not look so disgusting, is a little product called dry shampoo.  I have greasy hair.  I do.  I need to wash it often.  But I did find out that the less I wash it, the less greasy it becomes.  I've tried a few different dry shampoos and these are my top favorites.  Really I just pick the one that is on sale and readily available.  I like it to smell a little nice but not too over the top.  Just enough smell to mask the nasty that is hot yoga.  I spray it on, sometimes brush it though or sometimes just tousle with my hands.  It takes away the grease and gives you at LEAST one day of unwashed beauty.  Seriously, if you haven't tried it you need to.

I hope everyone will still be friends with me now that I have admitted how unhygienic I am.  You will be relieved to know that because I am back at work, the showering and washing are much more frequent.

What about you?  A dry shampoo freak?  What is your favorite brand?

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  1. I love you. Sometimes I write in my planner to shower so I don't forget. Just sayin'...


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