Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Sometimes short weeks seems like long weeks.  Am I right?

But my favorite day is here and it is raining in Colorado this morning and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a blanket and my coffee and read PEOPLE magazine while the Today Show is on in the background.  Instead, I will go and entertain teenagers and try to teach them something.

This blog is so flipping awesome because even though not a lot of people read it, my family does.  And so who got themselves a faux fur vest?  This gal.  My mom is a shopper, always been a shopper and she likes to be on the hunt for something.  So one day this week I get several text messages, all pictures of fur vests from my little shopper.  Of course she was already out of the store before I could answer, so what does that lady do?  Go the next day to make a purchase.  She would make a great personal assistant.  It is still a little warm to wear the vest, but I'll be sure to take a picture when I do.

My dad is actually similar in this way.  Sometime this summer I mentioned I wanted to read the book Quiet.  And what do you know, the next time I was at their house, the book was waiting for me on the counter.  My dad will say, oh it just happened to be at the store when I was there, even if he had to travel to six different places to find it.

And a shout out to my sweet husband who also is a dedicated reader to this blog.  When he read the post about my fashion desires, he quickly text messaged the best shopper I know, Maureen.  He wanted to surprise me with a little present but was shocked when he searched for fur vests and found they were over 1,000 dollars.  Ryan, welcome to the word "faux."  Anyway, he told Maureen he wanted to get me something since I work so hard and Maureen later scoffed, "Elaine.  I mean we all work hard."  Ha. My mom beat him to the bunch, but don't you worry Ryan.  I'm sure I can think of something else that you can reward me with.  Love you.

This is a great mom article about everything we struggle with every single day.

This one really had me laughing.  I am guilty of so much on this list.  But seriously, who doesn't love pumpkin?

And a little tribute to Joan Rivers.  

Happy Friday my friends! 

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  1. Yay faux fur vests! And I'm a totally dedicated reader. ;-)


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