Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Good morning!  I've already been to yoga sculpt and sitting down now to drink a cup of coffee!  It's a good Monday!  Here is what we were up to this weekend!

Friday (as promised), we parked ourselves on the couch to watch Scandal.  I love Olivia Pope and her style.  Apparently The Limited started their own line inspired by the fashion on Scandal.  I'll probably need to check that out!

Saturday morning I woke up early to head downtown for yoga from one of the best teachers EVER.Came home and got ready for our friend Noah's 4th birthday party!  Here is my present:

So, I'm not even wrapping things anymore?  I don't know who I am.  Maybe I've turned into such a boy mom that I know wrapping paper doesn't matter AT ALL to these young tykes.  Or maybe I'm just extremely lazy.  It's hard to know.

When we came home from the party, we put the boys to bed and again found ourselves on the couch for more Scandal.  In the middle of a VERY tense scene, our power went out which caused me to scream and convince myself someone was trying to kill us.  Dramatic much?

Sunday I woke up to this sweet scene and then we filled our day with laundry, yoga, the grocery store and all the other fun weekend chores!

Finally, I found this picture on my phone from last week when Paul's girlfriend (and yes this is how Paul refers to her.  Because she is a girl and a friend.  Duh) Sophia came over.  Notice how the sweet girl is sitting on her designated chair playing Hungry Hippo.  Notice the boys ON TOP of the table like little monkeys.

Have a wonderful day! 

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