Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Paul Jar

I think that every parent has those moments where you think, HOW IS THIS FOUR OLD IN CHARGE OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES???  Substitute the age for whatever applies to you and this is what Ryan and I feel at some points during the day.  Maybe several times a day.  So we decided instead of saying no 800 times or waiting for tantrums and agonizing negotiations, we would try to reward positive behavior.  We actually stole this idea from our friends and every time Paul does something he should like play nice with his brother without sitting on him, kicking him, or stealing a toy from him, he gets a marble.  If he gets dressed, listens the FIRST time, brushes his teeth, clears his plate from the table, all reasons to add a marble. Then of course if he is not listening, is a bully to his brother, comes in our bed at night, a marble is removed.

The idea is when his jar is filled he can pick out a toy.  So far it has been pretty effective.  He doesn't like the idea of losing a marble, and he likes to count the ones he has in his jar.  Obviously this is one more attempt of getting someone to sleep in their own bed without me having to wake up completely and put him back.  And why don't kids listen the first time?  Why do you have to get that mean Mommy voice to get anything done around here?  Please tell me I'm not alone!

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  1. You're not alone!!! Same with at our house. We use 1-2-3 Magic. Have you heard of that book? It works most of the time but I recently saw something similar to what you mentioned here and I was thinking of giving it a shot. But no, you are not alone. Little C came in our bed last night. I typically let him snuggle for a minute or two and then I tell him it's time to back to his bed because he sleeps better there. I scoop him up, carry him back and that's that. But my biggest gripe about the whole thing is... WHY DON'T YOU WAKE UP DAD?!?!?


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