Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love a Good Planner

I know that my Google Calendar is necessary.  Really necessary.  Ideally Ryan can see what is going on and I always have it on my phone, so it makes on the go plans easier.  Here is November.  I love all the colors.  And why are we so busy??

As much as I love the online version, there is something so satisfying about a paper planner.   My friend Jenn shared this one with me and I LOVE IT so much.  No we didn't get compensated for this post or planner, but we should.  We really should.  It is from Etsy (duh), Plum Paper Designs.  They have tons of options, tons of colors, tons of ways to get what you need!

One of my favorite characteristics is that there are different columns that you can name yourself  to keep organize.  My tabs include Ryan, Paul, Charlie, Blog, Dinner, Working Out, Rodan and Fields. That way at a glance, I know where my husband is, my children, what I need to blog about and what is for dinner.  It is awesome.

The month organization is nice at the beginning of every month and they have spaces for important dates, quick calendars that look ahead, and a space in the back to keep a hold of all those random papers you may need.

And one other bonus?? It's Pretty!! :)

  What about you?  Totally online or back to the old school paper way?

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