Monday, October 27, 2014

They Want Lunch EVERYDAY???

Paul is now in school three days a week!  And that is wonderful and everything, but that means I have to make him lunch THREE days.  THREE.  I just went on Pinterest and found these sorts of things:

Oh my gosh!  Are you guys making these incredible lunches for your kids??  Are you really cutting up cucumbers AND carrots AND strawberries?  Or making star shaped cheese?  I feel horrible.  I make Paul the same thing for lunch everyday.  A jelly sandwich (nut free school), a Capri roaring water, fruit snacks, cantaloupe or strawberries and goldfish crackers.  The only variety is the fruit. Everyday this is what he gets.  I'm feeling he perhaps need some more variety, but these look like a lot of work! :) 

What are you making for lunch?


  1. We also do school three days a week for Ryan, and it looks like this…everyday: peanut butter and jelly (or honey) sandwich, applesauce, pretzels (or goldfish or pirate booty) and raisins or carrots. Sometimes he requests something "fancy" liked sliced red pepper or cucumbers. No lunch awards over here ;)

    1. Well thank goodness! I just can't add that to the list of things to worry about:)


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