Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite Magazines

Another very important blog post today.  What magazines do you read?  In my earlier days I LOVED magazines.  Nothing seemed more indulgent than sitting on the couch and flipping through pictures! This is something that hasn't had much attention since Charlie has been born.  It is probably a good thing, but then the magazines start to stack in different places around my house BEGGING to be read and then I start to panic that I will never be able to read all the magazines I have.  There are real problems going on around here my friends. 

The two magazines that consistently come to my mailbox are US Weekly and People.  They are obviously not the most intellectual pieces of literature in the world, but it is a great mind escape.   

The other one that comes to my mailbox every Saturday is The Week.  It does a great break down of everything going on in the world in little snip its, so you don't feel like an uninformed idiot, but I don't always read this one (tsk tsk) 

My mom gives me her old copies of Real Simple and Oprah.  I love both of those although from where I am sitting I can see two editions I need to read.  Maybe fall break will come in handy to catch up?

And if I am really feeling wild and have some time on my hands (ha, ha), I love Vanity Fair and Elle. But I probably haven't picked those up from the grocery store in 18 months.   

What is on your magazine must read list?

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  1. I used to love magazines and now I hardly read any! I blame twitter. I like to read them while getting pedicures though. :) Also, I like to read Entertainment Weekly so I feel not completely in the dark about pop culture.


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