Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Thankful Thursday!

Yesterday Paul had his Thanksgiving program at school and I played hooky from work to watch him perform!  Nothing makes me laugh more than preschoolers singing songs about fat turkeys!  Enjoy!


  1. Super cute! 4 is such a fun age. Sooo worth playing hookie for!

  2. You should have scanned the entire row.. because OBVIOUSLY Paul Ryan Vaughn is the most talented.. cutest child in this bunch!! Love all of these.. I can remember Grandma Elaine coming to your s and Bucks different programs.. and just boo hooing and loving every minute. A thank you to the teachers for doing this... ( four year old.. herding cats) and thankful for our special four year old !

  3. Notice that he's surrounded by GIRLS! I have a feeling that he's the Don Juan in his class. My favorite turkey!


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