Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things That I LOVE.....

1. My iphone.  I know you should not "love" technology and I feel a little guilty about this because no one wants to turn into the person who is on their phone ALL THE TIME, but it really is a helpful device.  It has that map feature.  I can google anything.  I can text my heart out.  I can take 800 pictures of my children.  I love it.

2. Coffee.  One time I gave up caffeine and I am never doing that again.  I love coffee.  I love it in the morning.  It smells good, it tastes good and it is a central part of my morning routine!

3. Wine.  Just like the mornings need coffee, the evenings need wine.  It is a great wind-down to the day and you can't ask a friend to go out and get a glass of water.  You need to go out for the red glass of delicious.

4.  Laugher.  I love the kind of laughter that leaves you crying and and your belly hurting.

5.  A clean house.  More importantly, a house that I did not have to clean. I love the smell of clorox and vacuum lines and washed floors.  Too bad my kids ruin it in 2.3 seconds.

6. YOGA.  It is sweaty, it is hot, and I couldn't love anything more.

7. Making the bed.  I like it even better when Ryan makes the bed, but I think it starts the days off right once those sheets and comforter are tucked in!

8. Amazon Prime.  I mean free shipping?  It is amazing!!  I have done so much Christmas shopping from my friend Amazon.  It is so easy with one-click access!  And dangerous.

9. My Boys.  They are loud and rambunctious and break stuff but mostly they are sweet and funny and great little loves!!  Ryan fits the above description too :)

10. Costco.  What is it about buying big boxes of goldfish crackers?  Or 18 packets of spaghetti?  Just makes you feel prepared when you could feed an army of 734 with all the supplies in your house!

What do you love? 


  1. Ditto to all those! (Except 5 and 7, bc I wouldn't know. My house is never that clean and my bed is never made!)

    I also love leggings with boots, long cozy sweaters, great hair days that aren't wasted on not seeing anyone and getting mail. Real mail. In the mailbox.

  2. We could be best friends 9 out of 10 of those would make my list too (I don't drink coffee!)


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