Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

I have a really important question: are those pictures of Kim Kardashian real?  For real, real?  I need answers.

And another question while I am asking.  What do you all make if you are having people over?  Not a formal dinner party, but you are just having a co-worker over with their kids (for example).  We usually do pizza and a salad and wine (duh) because most people like it and it is easy for the kids, but is there something I could make to spruce these dinners up a bit?  Not time consuming and kid friendly?  Let me know!

Here are some Friday favorites:

1. Bare minerals make-up.  I wore this for years and then switched things up.  I just went back to my old favorite and I really like it!

2. Rodan and Fields! I received this text messages yesterday from one of my clients!  I've had bad skin for basically my whole life, and I know that feeling of relief when you feel like something is finally working!

3. This article had me laughing.  I know I am the default parent because of the tasks I perform in the shower, I always know the wrapping paper situation in my house and I am the one to switch old clothes and seasons out of the boy's drawers! 

4. It has been SO COLD in Colorado, like take your breath away cold.  For example, it is currently 9 degrees.  I mean seriously.  The high today is 41 which will feel like a warm summer day.  But this weekend is still pretty chilly.  So I hope to lay on the couch and drink hot tea and read books.

5. And just because it is funny!

Happy Friday All! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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