Thursday, November 6, 2014

Swim Group Graduate

We started swim lessons with Paul a month ago, and although the first lesson was a little rough, he really loves to swim.  And Ryan and I take turns taking him which means we can just sit somewhere for 30 minutes alone.  It's great.  

But that's not the point.  Paul started in the Goldfish group and last week "graduated" to the Sea Horse group.  To say he was excited about his accomplishment is a complete understatement.  He received a certificate, got to take a picture with his teacher next to the dolphin (he was so proud of himself he even gave a "real" smile), and he was allowed to pick something from the toy chest. Obviously he picked a REALLY large CARS pen.

Ryan was gone when we got home that night, and Paul insisted on staying up to tell his dad about his success!

With this early achievement, we are probably on our way to the Olympics.  Look for Paul Vaughn in the chicken, airplane, solider event! 

Happy Thursday... you are almost there! 

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