Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week has been long.  Pretty sure I had a fall break hangover.  Between that and daylight savings, lets just say the whole house is happy Friday is here.  I am off today with Charlie and we had a great day visiting with a friend, doing some errands, and lunching together.  Winning.  

Here are my favorites from this week: 

This interview, some truth from Anne Lamott

I used to pretend I didn't like Taylor Swift.  The lying has to stop.  I love the album.  I just do.  I play it in yoga, I play it in my classroom and even the boys love to dance party to Shake it Off.  

I saw these words of wisdom from this blog and I just couldn't agree more.  

I would love this for my closet or bathroom.  Perfect! 

And a cute little picture of my Charlie man in California.  We were eating sandwiches by the pool and that little stinker took a pickle right out of my hand and did this for 20 minutes.  

Happy Friday All!  May your weekend be restful and fun! 


  1. There are many things about Charlie that are wonderful AND amazing... but one of the best things is he is funny... and he knows it... and he goes for the laugh!

  2. I'm sorry but Charlie looks like he is old enough to enter middle school in that photo and I just cannot even handle it!!


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